Studiekeuzebeurs Midden
22 & 23 november 2019
Jaarbeurs Utrecht
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Studiekeuze Beurs Midden | 22 & 23 november Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Exhibition for students to orientate themselves on topics such as education and profession

-  Western Provinces of The Netherlands 
-  Central Provinces of The Netherlands  

The exhibition exists out of branch pavilions, where students can gather all information regarding their future education and profession. Students can experience all aspects of the job because of a lot of do-be activities that are organized. Knowledge centres, workplace learning companies, branch organizations and educational institutes can present themselves at this exhibition.

The exhibitors can choose for a presentation on one or more branch pavilions and/ or at the general exhibition. Also, the event will be supported by a program of activities for the visiting school/ student (e.g. assignments, visualizations, do-be activities).

The exhibition is focussed at secondary education students, who are making a choice about their future, but is also very interesting for everybody who wants to gather more information about a profession.

Exhibitor profile
    Branch organizations
    (Workplace learning) companies
    Knowledge centres
    Educational institutes (vocational school and University of Applied Sciences level)
    Institutes for stimulating inflow and branch promotion

Visitor profile
    Students of lower and higher secondary schools and pre-university education (voortgezet onderwijs) 
     who have to make a choice about their educational future,
    Students with a strong regional bond and for who personal contact and do-be activities are an 
     interesting way of gathering information
    Parents/ supervisors of adolescents who have to make a profession- or education choice
    Deans, mentors, teachers and study supervisors
    Drop-outs and switchers

With a extended invitation and communication policy, the 'Studiekeuze Beurs Midden' is the regional career exhibition which you certainly may not miss! Are you interested in exhibiting at the regional Studiekeuzebeurs Midden? Please contact

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