Talent Event
24 & 25 november 2017
Jaarbeurs Utrecht
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Talent Event| 24 & 25 November 2018 | Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Our lives are more and more determined by the possibilities that technical innovations have brought us. Theimpact of e-commerce, (mobile) internet, the opening up of gigantic datasets and all sorts of sensors and smart devices is enormous. These are not autonomous developments, but a broader trend of the digitization of society. This digitization entails major strategic challenges for organizations: The interconnection of products, services and processes and the merging of often disruptive digital business models that offer added value to customers.

This places different demands on staff and organization. But above all, it creates a need for experts with a vision of the digital future: Digital Talent.

Talent Event is the first event that focuses specifically on matching digital talent with relevant employers. During Talent Event you will meet students and young professionals who aspire to a digital career. By sharing knowledge and organizing interesting activities, you profile yourself prominently as a potential employer with this valuable and difficult to reach target group.


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