Webshop Vakbeurs
25th and 26th of April 2018
Nekkerhal Mechelen
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Webshop Vakbeurs | 25 & 26 April, 2018 | Nekkerhal Mechelen

Discover the future of (r)etail

The future of (r)etail comes down to offering a personalised, integrated and seamless shopping experience, irrespective of channel or device. Customers want to be able to shop anytime, anywhere. Technological innovation and increasingly demanding customers mean that the transition to omnichannel shopping is inevitable. The rise of e-commerce has wiped out geographical limitations and significantly boosted transparency in the retail landscape. Barriers between online and offline, but also between (r)etailer and supplier are disappearing. Omnichannel (r)etailing also generates a far wider reach and consequently introduces customers to more products and services. Chains that succeed in realising added value for their customers are set to dominate the landscape. (R)etailers and manufacturers will therefore need to develop the means to significantly distinguish themselves, instead of simply trying to stay a small step ahead of the competition. The evolution of omnichannel (r)etailing will see an increase in competition, but also in opportunities for smart (r)etailers and chain partner to secure a competitive edge.


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